Forza FUB-1270 7AH 12V Rechargeable Battery

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Battery backup Battery backup
Supplies battery-derived backup power during blackouts, preventing loss of critical information and minimizing equipment stress caused by a hard shutdown. Delivers reserved energy long enough for equipment to properly shut down.
Valve regulated lead acid battery Valve regulated lead acid battery
Pressure relief valve will activate when the battery starts building pressure from internal gasses as a result of being recharged.
Maintenance free Maintenance free
Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any orientation and is maintenance-free. Ideal for both float and cyclic use, designed to be regularly discharged and recharged.
Sealed construction Sealed construction
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators helps extend overall battery life, reducing traditional damage caused by spilling and jolting vibrations.
1 year warranty 1 year warranty
Forza Power Technologies offers a direct replacement program that exchanges a defective product from the original purchase date. See warranty terms for details.
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