GO PRO Hero 5 Black Camera

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  • Waterproof without a housing - Dive as deep as 10m (60m with Super Suit). 
  • Voice Control - hands-free control of your GoPro using simple voice commands.
  • Touch Display - improved design allows you to more easily access modes, settings, wireless connections and more. 
  • Auto Upload - upload footage straight from your camera to GoPro Plus cloud accounts
  • GPS - captures the location where your video and photos were taken.
  • Battery - increased current capacity (1220mAh)
  • USB-C port - supports fast charging with the Supercharger.

Video & Photo Capture

  • Advanced Image Stabilization - capture stunningly smooth video handheld, mounted to your favorite gear, and more.
  • RAW photos - increased flexibility when using advanced photo editing software.
  • Wide Dynamic Range photos - captures both added detail in shadows and highlights in the scene.
  • Exposure Control - fine-tune exposure settings with simple on-screen controls.
  • Linear field of view - removes fisheye/barrel distortion.
  • 1080p Time Lapse Video - stitched time lapse footage straight from your camera, to your smartphone, to social media.


  • Advanced wind noise reduction - improved audio performance in windy environments
  • Stereo audio - advanced audio processing captures left and right stereo audio channels.
  • RAW Audio - creates a separate .wav file for more flexibility when using advanced editing software. 
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