Agiler Bluetooth Headphones Micro SD and FM Radio AGI-0240R

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Technology, this Ultra slim stereo headphone boast an unmatched wireless range of up to 33ft, built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, not only charges quickly (1.5 hours), but also enables a remarkable playtime of up to about 6 hours. 30 hours standby with a single charge. – Built-in microphone and in-line control, provides effective hands-free solutions for streaming music and answering phone calls. There are 4 buttons including: (1) On/Off button: Power on, (2) Multi functional button: dedicated to pairing/Radio, (3) Answer/End call button, (4) Volume control and music buttons: short press to “+” “-” volume, long press to Next/Previous track. – Bluetooth headset is compatible with virtually every Bluetooth enable devices such as Cell phone/Laptop/ PC/Tablet/TV. – Adjustable headband for perfect fit, custom fit supra-aural, soft earmuffs ensure long lasting comfort in various circumstances. Folding adjustable design for easy carry.

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